Marizol Cabrera Yoga

Marizol Cabrera Yoga - 01.jpg

Marizol Cabrera is a yoga teacher located in Houston, Texas. Her mastery is in the art of the vinyasa flow. She strategically combines simple and complex poses to create flows that are intricately fluid and physically challenging. Marizol's teaching style and classes are unparalleled in the Houston yoga community. She currently teaches at Equinox River Oaks and The Houstonian Club.

Camalla had the wonderful opportunity to develop and create Marizol's personal brand: Marizol Cabrera Yoga. Aesthetically, the goal was to transform Marizol's own physical practice, aura, and personality into graphical means. The logotype mirrors the fluidity of her own practice—graceful and bold—while also displaying the organic geometry of the yoga poses themselves. Lyrical in nature, the handwritten type proved to perfectly echo Marizol's own movements and creativity. 

The website functions as both a showcase and an informational source for Marizol Cabrera Yoga. Camalla collaborated with Jonathan Ivy Photography, who photographed and provided all of the exceptional images for the website, to beautifully capture the diversity of Marizol's yoga practice. Prominent hero images and triptych flow sequences, as see on the bottom of the Schedule & Events page and the Contact page, are used to display what one might learn during a class with Marizol. The information on the website, ranging from biographical information to her class schedule, helps to paint a more complete picture of the Marizol Cabrera Yoga experience.